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Chicago Daily Law Bulletin  - November 2015

$14 Million Verdict for Plaintiffs Against Illinois’ Largest Medical Insurance Carrier

Attorney Michael Gallagher obtained a verdict of more than $14 Million dollars against the insurance company representing some of the doctors involved in the care of a young girl, who died as a result of medical malpractice. Gallagher argued that ISMIE had negotiated in bad faith during the underlying medical malpractice case by rejecting their demand to settle the matter within the policy limits and by failing to tell the doctors how much insurance coverage was available to compensate the family for their injuries. The jury returned a verdict of $1.35 million in compensatory damages and $13 million in punitive damages.

Chicago Sun Times  - August 2019

Lyft will pay a fine of $10,000 for failing to report a violent driver

Fox News - October 2022

Wrongful Death lawsuit filed against apartment building for murder of Sania Khan.

Michael Gallagher has filed suit against a River North luxury apartment building and its management for its role in the highly publicized murder of Sania Khan. The lawsuit alleges that the building management allowed Khan's estranged husband to enter the building despite him being banned from the premises, an act that allowed him to murder Sania Khan in her apartment before taking his own life. 

Firehouse Publication - April 2023

Firefighters Widow brings Wrongful Death suit after OSHA Report Faults City for "Willful" Conduct. 

Michael Gallagher has filed suit on behalf of the widow of Lieutenant Garrett Ramos, a Sterling Illinois firefighter who was killed in 2021 when he fell into a basement that other firefighters did not know was there. The lawsuit alleges that Ramos died as a result of the fire chief and deputy fire chief not following proper procedures.

NBC Channel 5 St. Louis  - January 2020

Woman Sues Lyft after being raped by one of their drivers

Michael Gallagher is representing a woman who was kidnapped and raped by a Lyft driver. The driver had a known criminal sexual assault record but was still permitted to transport passengers as a Lyft driver. 

Chicago Tribune  - July 2021

Family of 7 year old boy who drowned sues Barge Company.

Michael Gallagher is representing the family of 7 year old Victor Lobato Ochoa, who drowned in the Chicago River when a Barge caused a wake in a No Wke Zone, and capsized his family's boat. He was pinned under his boat and drowned. The lawsuit alleges the Barge Company was negligent in the operation of the vessel, travelling at an excessive speed and cause a large wake, which then caused the family's pleasure boat to capsize. 

NBC Channel 5 Chicago - June 2019

Uber Faces $10 Million dollar Wrongful Death Suit Over Driver’s Fatal Assault On Cabbie

Attorney Michael Gallagher represented the family of Anis Tungekar, a Chicago cab driver who was killed by an Uber driver with a known violent history. This resulted in a record settlement in cook county and resulted in Uber changing its ride share policies to improve its driver screening process and overall make it safer for passengers and the general public. 

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